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Friday, June 22nd 2012

7:52 AM

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Related article: Date: Mon, 10 Jan 2005 01:19:57 -0600 From: Kryton Ex Subject: Green Eyed Monster Part 4Disclaimer: This story is about father/son love. If you find this offensive, stop reading while you still have disclaimer left. This story is completely fictional and the characters only exist in the realm of my mind. Feel free to drop me an email. I love ethiopian porn model littel teen models to get feedback about my writing.Sorry part 4 took so long, I was home for the holidays. Green Eyed Monster Part 4 It took Marcus a moment to realize his situation. He was naked in bed with his son, their clothes all over the floor with his wife coming towards the bedroom. He immediately became alert. With superhuman speed he dived against the door, locking it before Susan could turn the knob. Susan gently rapped on the door. "Honey, the door is locked."Chris awoke when his father dived out teenie super model of bed. He rushed to get his clothes on. His heart was pounding out of his chest. Susan knocked again. Marcus had on his underwear and a fresh pair of pajama pants on. He attempted to sound sleepy as he answered, "Come in.""I can't, the door is locked.""Oh...I'll get it." He mumbled as he walked to the door feigning sleepiness.He opened the door and she walked in. "Why was the door locked?""I must have locked it when I came in feg model sa85m here. I couldn't sleep, so I asked Dad if could sleep in here with him. I used to always lock my door, it's just second nature to me." Chris explained."Oh, you poor dear. You couldn't sleep because you were worried about Danny, weren't you?"Chris nodded.Susan gave Chris a hug. "Don't worry, your superteenmodel brother is downstairs, I will make everyone a nice breakfast and you can stay home from school today too if you want.""Okay...""You two get cleaned up, I will make a quick breakfast, so don't expect anything to fancy."Marcus headed into the master bathroom to take a shower while Chris headed down the hall. Susan began making the bed. After att model cl82209 she fluffed the pillows on Marcus's side she noticed a damp face towel balled up on the nightstand. She picked it up and was immediately hit with a familiar smell, the smell of her husband's cum.Marcus walked out of the bathroom drying his hair. Susan was red. She held out the towel. "What the hell is this?" She yelled.Marcus froze trying to calculate the best possible lie."What the hell were you doing last night? Were you jerking off with your thirteen year old son in bed with you?""Of course not, how can you even say something like that?" Marcus lowered his voice. "God, this is embarrassing. I needed to relieve some stress. I jerked off, as I was cleaning up Chris came to my room and asked to sleep with hq models nudes me. I completely forgot the towel was there.""Oh..."Marcus stood there very nervous under his wife's gaze. "What? You don't believe me? You think I am some kind of pedophile?""Of course not, nothing like that. I'm sorry for being so silly. Do you forgive me?"Marcus pulled Susan close. "How could I not?" And kissed her deeply.Susan giggled. Okay, let me call off from work and then I'll go put breakfast on.After putting on some clothes Marcus headed downstairs and caught the end of Susan's conversation."I know I call in a lot but I have a sick son and I have to be with him....No, I am not risking my son's health for any job...what do you mean you will fire me?...listen you can take this job and..."Marcus snatched the phone from her. "Hello, Susan will be heading to work right now. Sorry about this sir," and then he hung up.Susan stared in shock. "What did you do that for?" Even the boys looked up from the television to find out what exactly Marcus was thinking."Two car payments and a mortgage on my salary alone didn't seem like a fun prospect. I hate Ramen and you love your job. You are just worried and upset. Don't throw your livelihood away because you had a bad day.""But I can't leave Danny alone." She pleaded."And you don't have to. There are two of us now, remember? You don't have to do this alone, you have me. A husband with an impeccable attendance record who can afford to take a day off and stay with his children."Susan's eyes began to mist up. She really did find a great man. "Okay, you are right." Susan kissed the kids goodbye and headed off premodels free to work.The moment she walked out of the door Marcus collapsed teen bikinu models on the couch. "I can't do this shit anymore.""What shit?" Danny asked."Watch your language. I'm still your father remember. Why would you remember? Normal fathers don't try to butt fuck their sons.""Watch your language," Danny joked. He climbed on the couch next to Marcus and laid his head on his arm. Chris turned around on the floor to watch them talk. "Maybe you aren't a normal dad. But you are way cooler than any normal dad.""I looked her in the bikini model shannon eye and lied. It was so easy. It just came out my mouth like that is what actually happened. I even turned it around on her, she apologized to me." Marcus covered his face with his hands. "I can't do this anymore. It's wrong.""Wait a minute! After years of hounding me, I finally decide I like it and now it's bad? What the fuck?" Chris exclaimed. The night before had been the most powerful experience of his life and now it looked like he would never get to feel that way again.Danny smiled. "You liked what? What did you two do last night?"Chris blushed and looked down at his feet.Marcus replied, "It doesn't matter. Because we are never doing it again.""I don't think mom is the only person around here that is stressed. Give it a few days, you'll feel better." Danny wrapped his arms around Marcus. Marcus worked himself free of Danny's arms and headed back upstairs.A single tear fell down Danny's cheek as he lost another Dad. Chris gave him a supermodels sucking cock big hug. little pantyhose models "He didn't mean it Danny. He's just scared. We came really close to getting caught. Dad could have gone to jail!""What did you two do last night anyway?"Chris blushed. "Make me breakfast and I'll tell you."Danny laughed, "You really have to learn how to cook."They had breakfast together and spent the rest of the day hanging out in their room, mostly talking. Marcus didn't come out for the rest of the day.Danny lay on the floor drawing, the hills of his feet bouncing against his butt. Chris found himself having trouble concentrating on something other than Danny. His cock began to press against his pants. He laid down next to Danny, "Hey, what are you drawing?" he asked."A dragon.""It looks good.""Thanks."Chris wanted Danny's attention. He modelos fuck just wasn't sure how to get it. He placed his hand on Danny's back. Danny stopped drawing and looked up at Chris. He could feel Chris's breath on his lips. He knew what Chris wanted, he could see it in his eyes. He also knew Chris would never ask for it. He leaned in and kissed him softly on the lips. Just for a second, then he pulled away and looked at him with desire in his eyes. "So, what do you want to do?" Danny whispered.Chris shrugged."Do you want me to kiss you again?"Chris nodded. Danny leaned in and kissed his brother again. This time he parted his lips and slipped his tongue in. He wrapped his arm around Chris's neck and pulled him close. Chris rolled on top of him kissing him passionately. Something had changed in Chris. He was overwhelmed with feelings he had never had before. He "wanted" Danny, but he wasn't sure what that meant.Chris reached into models no nudes Danny's pants and began jacking him off. Danny moaned. "That feels good."Chris leaned down and kissed Danny again. It became clear to him how he wanted Danny. "Um...can I stick it in you?"Danny nodded. Chris went to the dresser and grabbed a bottle of lotion while Danny pulled of his pants. Chris pushed Danny's legs against his chest and slowly worked his way into his ass. "Does that hurt?"Danny shook his head. Chris went in and out at an awkward tempo. He gave Danny another slow hot kiss. He really enjoyed that. Eventually Chris found a pace that felt really good and when he kept to it Danny began to push back against him. "You like that?" svetlana teen model Chris asked."Oh God yes."Chris increased his speed. "Tell me how much you like it."Danny's eyes were closed as he concentrated on the pleasure going through his body. "It feels so good. I want you to cum in me."Chris worked Danny's ass for all he was worth. Grunting and moaning as beads of sweat formed on his forehead. He came hard, his entire body shaking, then he collapsed on Danny.In the next room Marcus sat in the closest listening to his sons have sex. He wasn't surprised, he even expected it. Not so soon. But he expected it. He wanted to lay back in bed and not listen but he couldn't help himself. ethiopian porn model He sat in the closest jerking his dick to his sons moans. Cumming moments after Chris did. After that he was more ashamed then before. He went to bed wishing it would swallow him whole.
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Friday, June 22nd 2012

12:00 AM

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